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Discover the Crisp Clean Sound of a New Reciever.

Enjoy your favorite music on the road in crisp clean HD sound. Nothing transforms your car audio system as dramatically as the better sound and technology of a new car stereo.

Car Speakers

Replacing your speakers is a great first step in discovering the world of car audio.

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Car Aplifiers

“The right amp paired with the best receiver makes all the difference. I love it when a customer has that ‘wow’ moment hearing the difference an amp makes in their system. It means I’m doing my job right.” – Sam

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Get ready to bring the thunder! A good sub will of course sound fantastic with Hip Hop, Dub Step and Techno, but a lot of people are not aware of the clarity and intelligibility it will bring to all types of music.

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Get the Best Sound with Car Audio Installation in Houston, TX

You need the best car stereo system if you love driving down the street while listening to your favorite tunes. Many vehicles have standard audio systems that don’t produce the crispest sound. Memorial Stereo & Audio in Houston, TX, is ready to improve your listening experience. We provide car audio installation, including car speakers, car amplifiers, and subwoofer installation. We get to know your requirements and build an efficient system that improves your driving experience.

The Highest Quality Equipment

When you turn to our team for car audio installation in Houston, TX, you can rest assured that you’ll get the best sound equipment in the auto industry. Whether you need a speaker box, car speakers, car amplifiers, or a complete car stereo system, our team can help you select components that will give you crisp sound, deep bass, and excellent clarity to listen to your favorite music. We know how to pair the correct parts for the ultimate sound experience in your vehicle.

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Our car audio installers in Houston, TX, are ready to work with you to improve the sound quality. We understand audio components and how to build the most efficient system, no matter your budget. We offer the newest technology with a complete inventory of car speakers, amplifiers, subwoofers, and more. Our team is available to answer questions and provide a free estimate so that you can make an informed decision for your car audio needs.

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When your serious about the quality and sound experience of your car audio, come see us for a free estimate on your next move forward.

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What They Say

I just needed something that would play my mp3's without having to plug in any stupid cables. I had an Apple Car Play stereo installed in less than 2 hours...these guys are amazing! Sounds great.
Emma Odinson
I thought my stereo was fried because my boyfriend checked all of the fuses and they weren't blown. Turns out he DIDN'T check them all. Memorial Stereo fixed my stereo and didn't even charge me. Wow! Just WOW! Thank you guys so much.
Dian Annakin
Never in my life have I met people more obsessed with car audio than me. These guys are the definition of pros.
Kyle Smith
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5 REASONS TO GET PRO INSTALLATION from Memorial Stereo & Auto.


You’re ready to purchase a new car stereo system, and – thinking you’ve watched enough video tutorials online – you’re ready to do a DIY install.

Maybe you like to geek out on electronics, or you’re a car audio lover who wants everything perfect. Great – so are we! But the last thing we want to see is a brand-new system getting botched on the install. Believe us, we’ve seen it before.

You don’t want your DIY car audio installation that turns into a repair in a matter of minutes. Instead, here are five reasons why it might be better to leave the installation to a professional team of car audio technicians near you.

Car audio technicians have the training they need to take care of your install from the beginning of the process to your first listen when you test drive the system in our parking lot.

We’re obsessed with car stereo systems, so that means we’re obsessed with ensuring they’re installed correctly, based on industry standards. We want anyone who gets in your passenger seat to think your system was installed at the factory by the automaker themselves. And hey, if you want to pretend you did it yourself, we won’t tell. We got you.

Go online and check out some of the botched installs from those who’ve given it a try, and paid the price. It’s kinda funny. But not funny

Think of it this way: we’ve learned from experience. We were all once curious kids who wanted to get our hands on audio equipment whenever we could.

But now, as professionals, we know the ins and outs, we know where the trouble lies, and – most importantly – we know how to avoid it. We also know how to make the little tweaks, and we’ve made it our job to learn all of our name-brand systems’ hidden features, so we drop our knowledge for you.

We treat every car like it’s our baby. Then, we hand it off to you, so you can enjoy our high-quality car stereo installation services.

We love to chat with our customers about what we know, what innovations we’ve heard are coming soon, and what’s hot on the market right now.

We always have a little bit of extra inside-the-industry knowledge to share on everything from the latest car speakers to savings and deals for all things car audio near you.

Come see us in our shop, and pick our brains – we love to let you know what’s going on, and that’s something you can’t get from a tutorial video.

Remember: those folks are in it for the subscribers and likes – we’re in it for our customers.

If you’re doing the install yourself, you’re going to take up your evenings or your weekends crouched in your hot car messing with wires and instruction booklets, with your phone propped up on the dash playing that YouTube “how to” over and over again.

With professional car audio installation, you can drop your car off with us, get a ride from a buddy, do something fun, and come back when we’re done. We’ll give you a call.

Sound like a better idea for your weekend? We think so. We’re on the clock, so you can take the afternoon off.

One of the worst things that can happen to you, whether it’s home repairs or installing car speakers, is when you’re in the middle of the job, and you realize there’s a tool you don’t have.

Then, you have to drop everything to head to the hardware store, but they don’t have what you need, so they pass you off to an electronics store. Soon, you’re spending money on tools and gas that you could’ve spent on an affordable install by the pros.

We have every tool in our shop (and then some) to do the job right. Let us take care of you, and we think you’ll notice the Memorial Stereo and Auto difference.

We hope we’ve convinced you not to make the mistakes of too many folks across the country, who think they’re saving money by doing it the hard way. A professional install is called that for a reason – we strive to offer professional quality, and that means no mistakes, flaws, or unexpected expenses.

As a bonus, remember that Memorial Stereo and Auto products come with a lifetime warranty as well as financing and leasing services. And that’s something you can’t do yourself!

But we can. Give us a call at (713) 973-2868, or shoot us a quick message online. We’d love to partner with you – and your new system – to show you what a professional-grade install sounds like.

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